With restrictions easing throughout the UK, many bars and nightclubs are slowly opening their doors and allowing people to celebrate and relax once again. However, not everyone wants to be in such close proximity with others, and are opting for garden parties. Garden parties are a fabulous way to enjoy time with friends and family while getting fresh air, enjoying the music, chowing down on delicious food and drinks and taking part in good conversation.

However, throwing a garden party can be hard for those that want to remain as eco-friendly as possible. With all the potential food waste, disposable utensils and straws, here are a few tips and tricks to help you throw an amazing party without having an impact on Mother Nature.

Shop At Local Food Markets 

The invites have been sent and the date has been set, but before the big day, you need to prepare your spread. Whether you need fresh lemons and limes to garnish your cocktails, delicious meat to sizzle on the barbeque or the perfect vegetables for your side dishes, why not shop at a local farmers market? Not only will this help to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum by shopping locally, but organically farmed meat and pesticide-free fruit and veggies will not only taste delicious - but will show your guests you care!

Of course, you can’t visit a farmers market or local produce store without carrier bags. Whether you prefer simple paper bags or want something stronger that resembles plastic, Advanced Disposables has a great range of eco-friendly carrier bags. We even stock a variety of bags with cool, funky prints and bright colours to really let your personality shine through!


Once you’ve decided on your menu, it’s time to plate up! If you’re worried about people dropping your fine china or chipping your best dinner set, why not invest in some paper plates?

You could opt for a firm party favourite and go with simple White Paper Plates, or better yet, you could our Palm Plate range! This range not only looks naturally stylish, but they’re impervious to chemicals or flavours transferring into the food! This means these plates are suitable for all types of hot and wet food such as curries or even oily food and can be commercially compostable where accepted.

The best part about wooden and paper plates? You can save yourself time, money and energy by not having to do any washing up!

Knives & Forks

Knives and forks are essential for any outdoor party. Whether you’re serving up a sizzling bbq, wholesome vegan grub or easygoing party snacks, shop our range of eco-friendly Wooden Cutlery.

From dessert spoons to cocktail stirrers, our wide range of wooden cutlery can be used with hot or cold foods and is crafted using Eco-friendly birch wood. This wood offers a smooth, comfortable finish all while remaining completely compostable and biodegradable once you’re done with them.

Drinking Cups

No party is complete without drinks. From smoothies and milkshakes to alcoholic options, keep your guest’s thirst quenched throughout the evening with our range of drinking glasses.

For a staple option, try the 1Pt 20 oz Eco Cups. These handy cups are crack resistant for even the clumsiest of guests, CE marked and biodegradable.

However, if you feel you need something a little more durable, shop the Clear Elite Remedy Polycarbonate Glass in either clear or stylish black or white. These glasses provide a much firmer feel are made from robust polycarbonate and are recyclable as well.


Hosting a kid-friendly party and need to jazz up fruit juice or lemonade? Or are you creating devilishly decadent cocktails and need the perfect finishing touch? Paper straws can really complete the look of any drink and add colour, texture and style!

We know it’s tempting, but make sure you avoid plastic straws! These straws are very hard to recycle and often end up in our oceans, impacting marine life. Swap from plastic to paper with our range of disposable straws in an array of colours and styles. From glamorous all black to brightly coloured stripes, there is a straw to match any theme and best of all, our entire range is created from biodegradable paper!


While it can be expensive and time-consuming to throw a fully sustainable event, there are many ways that you can reduce your impact while still having a great time with your friends and family. By following these helpful tips and investing in eco-friendly products, you can hopefully inspire others to do the same!



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