The warm sunshine has started to fade and the mornings are getting chillier, which can only mean that Autumn has arrived! As we get to shorter evenings and colder mornings, your customers might want a little pick-me-up to get them started with the day. Did you know that there are several ways of improving your cafe and coffee shop’s sustainability? Here at Advanced Disposables, we’ll show you how you can take small steps to a greener future for your business. 

Coffee Cups

Soothing hot chocolates, fruity teas, strong coffees… Whatever your customer needs to help them wake up in the morning, we’re sure you’re happy to serve them! However, did you know that disposable coffee cups are becoming a serious concern among customers and business owners? Most standard coffee cups can take up to 30 years to decompose.

The first step is by ditching the regular plastic cups and trading them in for more eco-friendly options. With so many coffee cups making their way to landfills every day, it’s time that alternative solutions were made. Here at Advanced Disposables, we offer a fantastic collection of disposable eco-friendly coffee cups that not only perform and look traditional and stylish but also cause minimal damage to the environment.

You could try offering a reward scheme for your customers to encourage them to bring in their own hot cups as well!


Flaky pastries, bacon butties, fresh cakes… There’s nothing better than a treat to go with your morning beverage! If your cafe or establishment offers food and treats as well as hot and cold drinks, you might want to consider swapping plastic or metal utensils for wooden cutlery. 

These utensils are an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic and are compostable, which makes them a much better choice for consumers that care about the earth. Crafted using Eco-friendly birch wood, our wooden cutlery can be used with hot or cold foods and offers a smooth, comfortable finish without impacting the taste of your food!  

Here at Advanced Disposables, we provide wooden ice cream spoons, dessert spoons, knives and forks that are gentle on cooking surfaces and won't scratch finishes on non-stick coatings.

Takeaway Packaging

Not everyone has the luxury of sitting in and enjoying their food and drinks in the morning, as many people have school runs and jobs to attend to. By offering your customers sustainable takeaway packaging, you’re showing that you and your business care for the environment and are providing a service that is sure to be recommended to friends and family! 

Takeaway packaging doesn’t have to be plastic. Our Biodegradable Packaging range includes simple yet effective brown bags, bagasse boxes, waffle cones, soup containers and so much more so that your customers can enjoy their treats on the go! Better yet, we offer a variety of different containers with bulk discounts making our biodegradable range affordable.

If You Can - Keep It Local!

We understand that due to supply and demand, sometimes keeping it local just isn’t possible. However, if it is possible, try and keep your food items packed full of ingredients which have been sourced locally. By shopping around and purchasing your products from local farmers or suppliers, you’re not just helping your local economy, you’re reducing your carbon footprint too!


We know that going completely eco-friendly is a daunting task for some businesses, but by changing up your packaging, shopping local, swapping plastic for biodegradable materials and offering reward schemes, you can start to see a difference in how your business is perceived by your customers. Even if you can’t change everything all at once, these baby steps will help your business grow while remaining as environmentally friendly as possible!

Post By Jasmin

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