New legislation came into force in England this month, on 1st October 2020, where by Plastic Straws, Stirrers and Cotton buds are now banned. It is now illegal for businesses to sell or supply these items in a bid to reduce the usage of single use plastics and protect the environment.

It is estimated that over 4.7 billion plastic straws, 316 million plastic stirrers and 1.8 billion plastic cotton buds are used and disposed of every year. The ban on these items is well received by eco-campaigners but is just the first step to reducing the use of all single use plastics.

So What Is The Alternative?

Thankfully with the increased awareness of the impact single use plastics are having on the environment, manufacturers have introduced alternative, eco friendly products including paper straws and wooden stirrers. 

Paper Straws

Paper Straws are now available in a wide choice of colours and designs and are biodegradable and recyclable.  They present very little impact on the environment and our range of straws have all been produced using sustainably sourced paper.  Made to a high standard, they are suitable for a wide range of uses including soft and alcoholic drinks, milkshakes and smoothies.

6mm Blue And White Biodegradable 2ply Paper Straws

Wooden Stirrers

With takeaway hot drinks still as popular as ever, stirrers are a very much required item.  Wooden stirrers are the ideal alternative to plastic stirrers.  Our range includes products made from 100% natural materials.  This makes them a sustainable choice that is environmentally friendly, compostable and biodegradable, meaning they can be disposed of with food waste after use.   Wood can handle the high temperatures of hot beverages and will not taint the drink with the taste of wood.

100% Natural Biodegradable Wooden Drink Stirrers

Are There Any Exceptions?

There is an exemption for pubs, restaurants, hospitals and care homes etc who may still provide plastic straws to those with disabilities or a medical condition where a paper straw or a metal reusable straw is not compatible or cannot be safely used. 

As time progresses we envision more and more plastic products being added to the banned list.  

With this in mind, a few simple changes and your business can start making steps to become more environmentally friendly and provide a plastic free catering or takeaway experience.  We are committed to providing a reliable and personalised service combined with a vast range of competitively priced, sustainably produced, eco-friendly products to meet a whole host of requirements. 

If you are cautious about your environmental footprint and are simply unable to find what you are looking for on our site, please give us a call and we will try our utmost to satisfy your requirements.


Post By Kelly Trethewey

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