Our plastic consumption is at an all time high. Now that the awareness of how this environmental crisis is affecting our oceans is growing, businesses are doing all they can to invest in more eco-friendly alternatives. The main replacement that everyone is talking about is paper straws. Now available in a range of different colours and sizes, paper straws are biodegradable and have minimal impact on the environment. However many still have reservations about paper straws with lots of questions about the switch unanswered. Well here at Advanced Disposables, we have taken a look at the most frequently asked questions about paper straws and have answered them for you below, so you can make an informed decision about the switch.

Why switch to paper straws?

As discussed before, the mass consumption of plastic that we as a population undertake each year is growing and growing. Plastic is a useful and sometimes necessary material, however disposable plastic products are becoming a huge issue. Plastic from disposables is now filling our oceans and our land with toxic material that infringe upon life. In the ocean, plastic gets caught around animals, birds and fish, endangering their lives. The plastic also affects how animals consume and hunt for food in the ocean, disturbing their natural cycle and throwing the ecosystem into chaos. On land, plastic is being dumped in landfills from packaging which then doesn’t degrade, in turn damaging soil, landmass and wildlife.

One huge factor that has been noted from consumers and environmentalists is the mass consumption of such a simple disposable product, plastic straws. According to nationalgeographic.co.uk; “In just the U.S. alone, one estimate suggests 500 million straws are used every single day. In the U.K., at least 4.4 billion straws are estimated to be thrown away annually.”1

Making a simple switch to paper straws is one way that many of us can tackle the plastic crisis. It may not solve the problem, however by making one change we can help reduce this issue and fight the war on plastic.

Are paper straws eco-friendly?

Although we can’t speak for all paper straws, the paper straws that we supply at Advanced Disposables are eco-friendly as they are made using sustainably sourced paper and are biodegradable and recyclable. This means that they are broken down easily by microorganisms in the earth and can be disposed of in recycling bins.

Can you reuse paper straws?

As our paper straws are made to be for one use, we wouldn’t recommend reusing them. Instead choose to recycle them in your recycling bin.

Can you wash paper straws?

Our paper straws are robust, however they are made to be for one use so washing them is unnecessary. One done, dispose of in your recycling bin or local recycling plant.

Do paper straws get soggy?

Many paper straws often get soggy, which is why many consumers are opposed to the switch from plastic. However, our 3 ply straws are very solid and sturdy and won’t go soggy as quickly as standard 2ply straws so you can enjoy your beverage right up until the very last sip.

The video below demonstrates how long a 3ply straw lasts over time compared to a 2ply paper straw while in use.

Click here to view our 3 ply straws. We even offer samples on these so you can try them for yourself.

Are paper straws safe?

This is a tricky question as most general items can cause harm to a person if used incorrectly. Used properly, all of our paper straws are safe.

Why are paper straws bad for disabled people?

There have been several articles written since the UK’s conscious effort to reduce our use of plastic straws, however those with disabilities need plastic straws in order to consume drinks, whether these be hot or cold. This has caused some distress to those who rely on plastic straws as some find that they can’t be used in hot drinks, won’t bend and go soft too easily. Metal straws often don’t hold the answer for people who suffer with biting issues as the material is too hard and can’t be manipulated as easily as plastic. CPLA smoothie straws have been created in a conscious effort to be useable and environmentally friendly, however these can be too large to use effectively for those with disabilities. Currently there doesn’t seem to be a paper straw that suits all disabilities and discussions on this issue continue.

Can paper straws be used for hot drinks?

Although our paper straws are sturdy, they aren’t really suitable for use with hot drinks as prolonged exposure to heat can make them go softer quicker.

Can paper straws go in the oven?

This question is from those who are looking to create cake pops with paper straws. As our eco-friendly paper straws are made from a flammable material, we wouldn’t recommend placing them in the oven or near any flame. However, you can place the straws inside the cake pops once cooked and cooled and this could be a good alternative.

Are paper straws vegan?

The material and the glue that it used to make our range of paper straws is vegan friendly and doesn’t contain any animal fat.

If you have anymore questions about our packaging, contact us.

For our full list of paper straws that we supply, click here.


1; https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/environment-and-conservation/2018/07/brief-history-how-plastic-straws-took-over-world


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