It’s October, which means Halloween is officially around the corner! Whether you’re dressing up with the kids and scaring the neighbours, planning a family night or partying with your friends, there are several ways to plan a more eco-friendly Halloween here with Advanced Disposables by investing in sustainable products and following our helpful tips and tricks!

Paper Straws

We’re sure you know by now that plastic straws are out of fashion - and there’s a good reason behind that! Plastic straws are known to break into ever-smaller particles, releasing chemicals into the soil, air, and water that are harmful to animals, plants, people, and the environment.

Whether you’re serving up spooky pumpkin spiced milkshakes, iced lemonades or spooktacular cocktails, finish them off with a funky paper straw! Paper straws don’t have to be boring, they can be metallic, feature a cool pattern or bright and dark colours and can really add to the look of any drink. For a Halloween party, why not try our black-and-white straws? These straws are durable and made from strong paper, which is food safe and won't bend easily.

Low Plastic Decorations

Halloween decorations don’t have to be all plastic! Get the family involved with making your own decorations, which can help to reduce plastic waste in landfill. You can visit your local farm or farmers market and pick out a pumpkin and get creative with a design! These pumpkins look fantastic with a tea light candle inside of them and are a great, cheap alternative to plastic.

If you do buy some decorations make sure they can be reused for other parties or for future Halloween parties, or buy from secondhand shops and outlets. The best thing about Halloween parties is that low lighting makes everything a little more spooky so you might not need that many decorations – just add some red lighting, wreaths made from autumnal leaves and some pumpkin lanterns and you’re set for a creepy atmosphere that is sure to impress your guests!


No party is complete without napkins! From mopping up spills to sorting out sticky fingers, napkins are a great way to accessorise your tables and keep your guests happy and clean. Here at Advanced Disposables, we have a fantastic range of coloured napkins to suit all of your themes. We think our black and orange designs will suit any Halloween dinner party or event perfectly and are a great, subtle way to add colour and texture to your tables.

Sweet Bags

Looking for a fun, innovative way to share your treats with trick-or-treaters? Or maybe you want your guests to take away a fun, memorable treat from your party? Whatever the reason, you can gift your guests an array of delicious goodies (or not-so-nice tricks!) with the help of our sweet bags

Packaging up loose sweets, tray bakes, seeds, nuts, pic-n-mix, chocolates and other small goodies has never been easier with the Vegware VGN1 70 x 210mm Clear Natureflex Bag. Made from NatureFlex, a clear greaseproof film made from wood pulp, these bags are the perfect eco-friendly choice and can be easily sealed with a sticker of your choice. These bags are fantastic as party favours or filled with gummies, chocolates and more for the neighbourhood kids.

What To Do With Your Pumpkin

Once the evening is over and Halloween is finished for the year, don’t forget about your pumpkins! You don’t have to bin them, as you can just leave them to nature. Leave your pumpkin, lid off, in the garden and allow the birds, insects and other creatures to feast. Once it begins to go mouldy or rot you can bury it in the garden and leave it to decompose. Alternatively, you can simply put it into your compost heap or bin.


No matter what you’re doing for Halloween, by following these tips and purchasing more sustainable products, you can have a scarily good time while improving your carbon footprint and showing your friends and family that you care about the environment. Stay safe, have fun and stay as eco-friendly as possible with Advanced Disposables.

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