Dust off those spooktacular costumes, light some candles and infuse pumpkin spice into your drinks and snacks - It’s almost Halloween! Whether you’re throwing a spooky bash for the kids or a terrifying party for friends and family, make sure your Halloween festivities are unforgettable this year while remaining as eco-friendly as possible!

If you’re looking to have a more eco-friendly Halloween this October, check out our tips and products at Advanced Disposables for a spooky yet sustainable celebration!

Cold Cups

No party is complete without drinks. Serving up slime-inspired smoothies? Or maybe something cold and spooky topped with dry ice? Keep your thirsty guests happy AND save on time and washing up with our extensive range of cold cups!

Whether you want something simple and biodegradable or even something dark to match your Halloween themes, our cups are strong, lightweight and shatter-resistant, so even the clumsiest of guests won’t be able to break anything and are perfect for small gatherings and large scale parties!

Trick Or Treat?

Did you know the history of Trick or Treat? This odd tradition dates back to ‘All Souls Day,’ an English festival in which the poor would offer prayers for dead relatives of wealthier families in exchange for food. Nowadays, trick-or-treating is a fun activity for the whole family, however, instead of buying individually wrapped minis, try shopping for palm-oil free gummies and sweets. If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen you could even try baking cupcakes, cookies or muffins using free-range eggs and hand out these wholesome treats instead!

If you prefer to keep things traditional, why not hand out your treats in our paper bags? Our range of paper bags is biodegradable, meaning that they can be easily disposed of and won’t harm the environment and are great for parties and Halloween!

Disposable Straws

Whether you’re serving up warming pumpkin spiced lattes for a chilled out evening or you’re making creepy cocktails, make sure you lift your spirits this Halloween with our range of fun and colourful disposable straws!

Get creative with your drinks and add the perfect finishing touch to your glasses with creepy black straws, cool striped monochrome or even shining gold designs. Better yet, our straws don’t contain any harmful chemicals or plastics and are completely biodegradable, safe and non-toxic.

Shop At Food Markets

If planning a Halloween bash fills you with fear on account of all the cooking and baking you might have to do, take the stress out of trying to feed the 500 by shopping at local food markets! You can pick up plump pumpkins, organic apples (for a friendly apple bobbing competition!) or even sweets and chocolates for those little trick or treaters! Just don’t forget to shop our range of eco-friendly carrier bags!

We offer a variety of bags in all shapes, sizes and materials, from classic paper to plant-based materials to help you carry and transport your shopping easily without resorting to harmful plastics.

Skewers And Sticks

From serving up finger foods and pretty garnishes to adding the perfect finishing touch to a terrifying drink, cocktail sticks and skewers are essential to any party.

Shopping with Advanced Disposables means you can choose from a variety of styles such as knotted or paddle skewers in various lengths made from sustainable bamboo. These skewers bring a stylish yet functional way to your establishment without impacting the environment as bamboo is a fast-growing material, making it a more sustainable product than wood.


On average, Brits spend £300 million in preparation for Halloween every year and during a study in 2019, it was expected that almost 17 million pumpkins were purchased. Another survey found that over half of people who buy pumpkins for Halloween throw the flesh straight into the bin or food waste disposal! Make use of your pumpkins by using them for baking, or simply composting them. You can even leave them in wooded areas for wildlife to enjoy!

Even though Halloween can be fun for the whole family, don’t be lazybones and make sure you recycle your pumpkins and party items where appropriate as this holiday can be wasteful!



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