There are undeniably so many more fast food and takeaway outlets available now compared to a decade ago.  Unfortunately, these businesses come with a detrimental yet unavoidable consequence, more waste.

The impact is very visible, you only have to take a short walk to see fast food wrappers and packaging that has been mindlessly dropped in the street.  This problem is only likely to deteriorate over time with Council budgets and finances strained by austerity. 

However, people are becoming more conscious of not only the litter on the streets but also of the environmental effects of this waste.  Single use plastics are mostly to blame as products like food containers, cups, straws and carrier bags are all produced from this material and used widely by takeaway outlets and therefore contribute immensely to the ecological footprint.

Whilst decisions are still being made about making single use plastics less affordable for businesses, now is the time to implement better, eco-friendly solutions.  The benefits of this include saving money and getting ahead of future legislation, plus your business will become more appealing to consumers who will not see your non-recyclable waste floating around on the streets.

If we all make small changes, together we can move forward and take steps to make a significant difference all over the world.

Here are our some solutions and recommendations to enable your takeaway business to become more eco-friendly:

Replace Polystyrene

Polystyrene cannot be 100% recycled. You would still be able to find fragments of this type of packaging at landfill sites in several hundred years. The solution? Swap for packaging that is made from natural, biodegradable materials such as bagasse.

Vegware - 7 x 5in Bagasse Clamshell Box

Get Rid Of Plastic Cutlery

If you provide food where cutlery is essential you may be wondering how you can replace it with a non plastic alternative. Luckily, innovative developments mean that compostable cutlery is now widely available and what’s more it is extremely economical.

Wooden Cutlery Mixed Pack

Use Paper Straws

Most people will be aware of the impact plastic straws have on the environment. Paper straws are a great eco-friendly substitute for traditional plastic straws while still remaining low cost. There are a few choices available and let’s face it they are essential if you sell milkshakes and smoothies.

6mm Blue And White Biodegradable 2ply Paper Straws

Use Paper bags Instead of Plastic

Supermarkets and large chain stores were enforced by the government to charge for plastic bags and this resulted in a drop in the consumption of these single use plastics. These rules however do not apply to small businesses such as takeaway outlets and this means that they are still very much being used. This means that many will still end up in our oceans or at landfill. Switching to paper bags is a better and more sustainable option, they are recyclable, biodegradable and are less likely to cause pollution.

Medium Brown Kraft Paper Carrier Bags Twist Handle 32cm x 41cm x 12cm

Provide Biodegradable Hot Drink Cups

500 billion disposable cups are used every year and it is no wonder they are a huge part of the problem when it comes to environmental pollution. Thankfully, to keep up with such high demand there are much greener options available, for example Goodlife Bio Cups are 100% Plastic, PLA & PE Free and use a water based lining. They require no specialist recycling or industrial composting and can be recycled at home. If they end up in landfill they will generally compost within 4-6 weeks.

12oz Goodlife Bio Cups - Recyclable - Plastic Free Lining. 100% Biodegradable

Other things to consider could include encouraging your customers to recycle and provide various bins for different types of packaging and materials, use refillable condiment bottles instead of single portions that are often packaged in single use plastic and you could also look into recycling your used cooking oil. There are companies who will collect it and convert it into biofuel, a renewable energy.

If there is one thing we can be sure about, it is that eco-friendly takeaway solutions will be required for many years to come. It makes sense to take steps now to make your business more eco-friendly for a greener future. At Advanced Disposables we really care about the work we do, the service we provide and the products we supply. We also believe in providing great value for money for our customers but with quality, environmentally friendly products.


Post By Kelly Trethewey

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