Happy New Year! It’s a new decade and along with the typical new year’s resolutions comes a new one that almost everyone across the world is talking about. That is of course “be more eco-friendly”.

2019 was the year that the world suddenly woke up and realised that our mass plastic disposable consumption simply cannot continue. With single use plastics filling the ocean, damaging wildlife, ecosystems and generating harmful gases during production, the public are now looking for more eco-friendly alternatives. But how can we combine our January health-kick with being more eco-friendly in 2020? The answer may be within your salads and smoothies.

Along with the aim to become healthy in January, many choose more convenient options such as on-the-go salads and smoothies. We are so busy rushing around with work and family life, that of course in order to remain healthy, the majority of people are going to choose the easier option. However these habits could actually be increasing your plastic consumption. Luckily we have a range of eco-friendly smoothie and salad bowls that will help you stay on track with your meal plan, allow you to meal prep without much fuss and dispose of your containers without the guilt. Take a look at these excellent options below.

PLA Smoothie Cup Clear

We all enjoy a smoothie and for those who want to grab one just as they run out of the door in the morning, this PLA Smoothie Cup is compostable and so convenient. Unlike containers that you may grab at a smoothie bar, this PLA cup can be recycled and is compostable under industrial composting conditions. Enjoying your smoothie this way will also help you save money, making other resolutions that you may have set for 2020 just that little more obtainable. 

16oz PLA Smoothie cup clear

Large Window Salad Box

Don’t place your salad in a plastic container. This kraft board salad box is ideal for cold snacks and meals and is completely compostable. The window placed in the lid is made from PLA so can be easily composted. This option is perfect for restaurants as well, allowing customers to enjoy a salad without the worry of disposing of a plastic container. Are you worried about salad dressing leaking through the box?  No need. The box features a water based lining which is greaseproof so you can enjoy your salad without any worries.

32oz Large Window Salad Box

Wooden Cutlery

Our wooden disposable cutlery is made from birchwood and is biodegradable. If you simply don’t have time to wash up your cutlery or are on the move, then this is the perfect solution for you. We offer a mixed pack of 50 sets for less than £10!

Wooden Cutlery Mixed Pack

White Biodegradable Soup Bowl

Whether you are planning on switching your bowl of high sugar cereal to porridge or your pizza lunch to a pasta salad, this Biodegradable Soup Bowl is ideal for hot food that you can prepare and eat on the go. The bowl is safe to hold when the contents are hot and can be disposed of easily.

12oz White Biodegradable Soup Containers

So if you are looking at simple ways to eat healthier and also reduce your plastic consumption, then these super convenient biodegradable containers and cutlery may just be the solution for you. View more on our website.

Post By Kelly Trethewey

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