Statistics published by Eventbrite stated that the UK event industry alone was worth £42.3 billion to the UK economy in 2018, employing over 500,000 people and delivering 35% of the UK’s total visitor economy. These statistics prove just how vital this sector is and why the pandemic has crippled the hospitality industry.

From restaurants to local pubs, the hospitality industry employs over 3.2 million people, which makes up about 10% of UK employment and 6% of businesses. With Summer approaching and the deadline for restrictions to be lifted gets closer, more and more people are venturing outside again. Getting the hospitality sector back on its feet is essential, not only for job safety but for the well-being of employees and customers.

Al Fresco dining doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it exciting by capitalising on the festive vibe that outdoor dining provides. With restrictions being lifted on 12th April, which allows restaurants and pubs to open safely for outside use, this blog explores the little changes you can make to ensure that you can open up your business again in the safest way possible.

Wooden Cutlery

A way to cut costs and ensure hygiene is to serve food with wooden cutlery, which you can purchase here. The Wooden Cutlery range doesn't conduct heat or release any chemicals into your food and are also hard to break. As wood is a completely natural and renewable resource, it is a responsible choice for those who value their environment.

Overall, wooden cutlery is extremely safe for the environment and provides an excellent replacement for disposable plastic cutlery. This offers a way to give everyone peace of mind at this trying time, and with a wide variety of wooden utensils, from knives and forks to compostable drink stirrers, there is something for every business, no matter what you need to keep your customers safe.

Cold Cups

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering in your back garden or running a milkshake bar, you’ll need cups, lids or both. Our range of plastic cups are eco-friendly, clear, light, strong, versatile and non-toxic. From smoothie cups to plastic beer glasses, this range of lids, cups and glasses are lightweight and perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes and all catering events for when the restrictions ease. Thus helping keep staff safe by removing the need to collect and wash glass tumblers and cups.

When browsing our collection, you’ll notice that our products are as sustainable as possible. The rPET range is made with 80% recycled materials and even has a lower carbon footprint than aluminium and glass.

Takeaway Boxes

Unfortunately, it might take a little while for things to return to normal and even longer for people to venture back into the industry. Some customers might still be afraid to dine outside, which you as a business can cater for. No-contact takeout and delivery have become the new norm, and takeaway food boxes for orders and leftovers are an essential for any business in the food and drink sector, even with the current restrictions being potentially lifted in July.

If you wish to take extra precautions, wear disposable latex gloves. If possible, when accepting or processing and packing up orders in person, you might want to wear a mask to let customers know that you take safety seriously.

Our range of takeaway boxes are suitable for all businesses and include Salad Boxes, Platter Boxes and Sandwich boxes. Each is manufactured from a sustainable paperboard with a water-based grease-resistant lining and plant-based PLA windows, which makes these sandwich wedges fully compostable.


With restrictions being lifted soon, we can all take steps to make sure business and restaurants can be opened safely to be enjoyed by the public again. By implementing hand sanitising stations, using plastic and wooden cutlery and cups for outside dining and drinking, and being vigilant with masks and cleanliness, we can make going out for a meal and dining in reality again.



Post By Jasmin

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