Here at Advanced Disposables we are always looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions and we are proud to be able to offer a great range of such products from Vegware.

What Is Vegware?

Vegware was established in 2006 and has become a global specialist when it comes to producing plant based products. Vegware uses renewable, low carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials meaning their products can be commercially composted along with food waste where the facility is available. Their products have the most extensive compostability certification of any UK packaging supplier and this is all driven by their passion for protecting the planet.

What Does Commercially Compostable Mean?

Products that are commercially compostable are often not recommended to compost at home. The commercial composting process consists of a pre-processing phase that breaks down larger items such as packaging materials to become a more manageable size. After this, commercial composting involves the use of high temperatures above 55 degrees to induce the degradation of materials. Temperature, moisture and airflow must be strictly controlled and only natural and plant based waste products can be composted in this way.

What Materials Do Vegware Use?

Vegware uses a range of renewable plant based materials to create its fantastic range of products. Here is a break down of some of the materials they use:

  • Paper & Card - Vegware uses sustainably sourced, recycled paper and card wherever possible.  Products that use these materials include hot cups, soup containers and takeaway containers. 
  • PLA (Polylactic Acid) - This is a plant based, compostable bioplastic that is made from plant sugars.  The outcome is a plastic like material that is used to create clear windows on sandwich wedges and takeaway salad boxes.  It is also used to line board based packaging to create a leak and grease resistant lining.  
  • Bagasse - This is a by-product of sugarcane.  It is the dry fibrous residue that is left over once the juices have been pressed from the sugarcane.  A high heat and pressure process is then used to press and shape the fibres to create clamshell boxes, plates and bowls. 
  • NatureFlex - This is a clear film that is made from wood pulp.  Wood from sustainably managed forests is used and the process involves casting to regenerate the wood pulp into a certified home and industrial compostable film.  It is used for clear bags and windowed food boxes and is ideal for both hot and cold food. 
  • Ink - Vegware only uses vegetable and water based inks to print on their packaging.  They offer a customisable print service across many of their products.   

Our Range Of Vegware Products

Vegware produces an extensive range of plant based, disposable packaging products, each designed to be commercially compostable with food waste where the facility is available. The designs both look and feel high quality and it’s easy to see why they are award winning products. With a focus on protecting the planet, they really have made it easy for caterers everywhere to do their bit.

We are really pleased to offer a great choice of their products. Here are our top picks:

Vegware Premium Meal Box

Vegware 1100ml Large Window Salad Box

Vegware VWST75 Deep Fill 75mm Kraft Sandwich Wedge

Vegware KV-12 12oz Brown Kraft Hot Cup, 89-Series

Vegware VGLW4 4 X 6 X 10in White Glassine Natureflex Window Hot Bag

We hope you now have a greater insight into the Vegware brand and that it will help you to choose sustainable and environmentally friendly products to packaged your takeaway food in.  You can browse the full Vegware range here.



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