The last year or so has been tough, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! The days are getting longer and hopefully the weather is going to get warmer, so what better way to enjoy beautiful scenery with friends and family than a summer picnic? Whether you’re chilling out in your garden, strolling along a sandy beach or hiking up grassy hills, a picnic can be easy to prepare, Eco-friendly - and delicious!

Everyone knows that picnics can be great fun, however they can also generate a lot of rubbish and waste that usually ends up in landfills after just one use. Plastic cutlery, containers and cups can be littered across the countryside, beaches and parks.

If you want to make your event feel more sustainable and host an eco conscious event, here are some helpful tips and products that will add a touch of green to your outings. While restrictions might be easing in May, you might want to consider some helpful tips to keep your picnic safe, clean and most of all, sustainable.

Food & Cutlery

While wicker baskets might be a charming addition to any picnic, they can be pricey and awkward to carry. If you’re looking for an easy way to carry your sandwiches and more, our range of Eco-friendly carrier bags in a variety of classic and fun colours are an excellent choice. These products are just as useful as traditional plastic knives, spoons and forks, but they are much better for the environment as they’re made from natural resources!

If you have little ones or are a big kid at heart, why not make lunchtime exciting and interesting by carrying their favourite snacks and drinks in our kid’s meal boxes? These ocean-themed boxes are 100% recyclable, compostable and are created from biodegradable paperboard and other plant-based materials, and feature an array of fun, cute sea creatures.

When you’ve found the perfect spot, or you’re all settled in the garden, it’s time to tuck in. If you don’t feel like washing up or bringing metal cutlery with you, our classic wooden cutlery is a perfect alternative and can help keep the environment plastic-free, as single-use plastic cutlery can be detrimental to wildlife when not disposed of correctly. This range is crafted using Eco-friendly birch wood, our wooden cutlery can be used with hot or cold foods and offers a smooth, comfortable finish.

Once you’re ready for snacks, you’re going to need something to rest your food on. If you’re not one for carrying around heavy plates, why not try paper plates? Paper plates are a fantastic alternative to china plates, as they’re lightweight, easy to store and are high quality and sturdy, making them perfect for buffets, BBQs and more! Our range of paper plates come in many different sizes and materials, from recycled sugar cane fibres to bagasse.

If paper plates aren’t your thing, why not try our Square Palm Plates for a dinner plate worthy of sharing on the internet! Not only are they wonderful to look at, but they are made from naturally discarded leaves from the Adaka nut palm which means they also contain no coating or additives.

Bottoms Up!

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink in the hot summer sunshine. While milkshake bars and boba tea takes the internet by storm, you can also enjoy smoothies, iced coffee, flavoured water and more on your picnics with our range of cups, lids and straws. This range is as sustainable as possible, and if you need added reassurance of their green credentials, they also clearly state on the cup that they are not paper cups but made from bamboo which makes them compostable and biodegradable.

Whether you’re enjoying a pitcher of iced lemonade in the garden or creating fancy cocktails, metal or paper straws are a must-have. Paper straws don’t have to be boring, and can really finish off the look for any drink. From funky stripes in a variety of colours to a classic, shabby-chic brown, all of our straws at Advanced Disposables are made from sustainably sourced paper and are biodegradable, making them more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives.

If you like to keep your teas, coffees and other hot drinks nice and toasty when you’re out and about, shop our collection of fun Reusable Hot Cups, which come in a variety of cool, unique colours and prints. These cups are made from bamboo fibre with a secure fitting, BPA free silicone lids and both the lids and sleeves are recyclable. The cups themselves are biodegradable and the best part of it is that our entire collection of travel cups are reusable! This makes them much more environmentally friendly.

Whether you’re munching on ice lollies, adding sauces or drinking fizzy drinks, sometimes picnics can get very messy quickly, especially with little hands and fingers! So, make sure you can clean up efficiently with our Swantex White Paper Napkins. These durable napkins are made with 100% recycled material which is FSC certified and will help clean up spills, sauces and more.


Filling your picnic basket with eco friendly products doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many helpful things you can do once everyone is well fed and it’s time to leave. For example, take all of your rubbish and recyclables with you, as anything left behind can contaminate any water and land around you and can be harmful to wildlife.

Recycle and compost what you can, and if you have any melted ice left in your cooler, you can use it to wash your hands or even water the plants and flowers around you.

The most important thing to remember is to leave only your footprints at your meal site – no napkins or plastic waste such as water bottles left behind. That way, you can relax, enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones outside while still showing some consideration to our beautiful planet and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time!


Post By Jasmin

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