As restrictions are finally being lifted, friends and families are venturing out to spend days out together at cafes, bars and restaurants to make up for lost time. With the added uncertainty of whether we will be able to vacation abroad, there’s pent up demand for dining out.

Keeping your catering and street food businesses as safe and eco-friendly as possible will have a large impact on your customers. Showing you are committed to environmental issues will help customers see you aren’t just interested in profits, so we have come up with five helpful tips and products that will help improve your businesses carbon footprint.

Offer Eco-Friendly Takeaway Packaging

No matter what food services you offer, from mouthwatering burgers and hot foods to vegan dishes, salads, sweet pastries and more, your food and drinks should be served in sustainable packaging.

Did you know materials such as Styrofoam can never be 100% recycled? Help ditch this harmful material and keep it away from your customers with Advanced Disposables. We have a huge range of environmentally friendly options to help you serve your goods and keep your consumers happy! From salad boxes to waffle cones, all of these products are affordable, can be bought in bulk and are either biodegradable, recyclable or compostable to help keep waste out of landfills.

Switch To Paper Straws

There’s nothing more refreshing than a healthy smoothie on a warm day. From iced coffees and flavoured water to milkshakes, lemonades and even alcoholic beverages, if your street businesses sell drinks, then you’re guaranteed to need straws.

Did you know that before the ban on plastic straws, the UK consumed approximately 8.5 billion plastic straws per year? Thankfully, more and more consumers are refusing plastic straws, so keep your business fully stocked with paper straws if you serve drinks of any kind. Whether you want something rustic and simple or want straws with a pop of colour to match bright drinks, shop our variety of paper straws now to help keep the usage of plastic straws down.

You could also offer your customers the chance to purchase a stylish metal straw as well. These handy metal straws are reusable and can be easily cleaned.

Serve Your Hot Drinks In Biodegradable/Compostable Cups

With 500 billion disposable cups used by consumers every year, coffee cups contribute massively to global pollution. Our range of Disposable Takeaway Hot Drink Cups are perfect for coffees, teas, warming hot chocolates and even warm ciders during the festive season!

From neutral prints to completely plain so you can add your own labels and designs, you can find a number of plastic-free cups at Advanced Disposables that are biodegradable, compostable or recyclable. These cups are domestically compostable at home and break down within 4-6 weeks leaving behind no nasty residue.

Swap To Eco-Friendly Bags

Plastic bags can damage the environment with many varieties taking years to decompose. Due to this, customers are looking for much better and sustainable alternatives. Paper bags are perfect for fruit and vegetables, bottles, cakes, breads and so much more, making them an excellent option for most street vendors.

Additionally, paper bags are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and can be customized to showcase your company brand or logo. If you’re looking to ditch plastic bags in favour of recyclable paper bags, shop the range here for a variety of styles and sizes.

If you’re looking for a bag that’s made from plant-based PLA material that are fully compostable, try the Vegware VCB-2 Compostable PLA Eco Friendly Carrier Bag. These carrier bags look like plastic, but they’re made from natural plant based materials and can be reused as food waste caddy liners.

If you’re not ready to ditch the plastic just yet, you could try our 100% Degradable Plastic Carrier Bags which are a great, eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic bags and are excellent for stalls and market shops as they contain a plastic additive which speeds up the degradation process dramatically.

Use Wooden Cutlery

Perfect for large outdoor events, disposable wooden cutlery is becoming a fast favorite of catering companies everywhere. This choice in cutlery is elegant, environmentally friendly and practical! Not only do these products look great, they won’t warp, disintegrate, or melt when used with piping hot dishes.

Crafted using eco-friendly birch wood, our wooden cutlery selection at Advanced Disposables can be used with hot or cold foods and offers a smooth, comfortable finish for your customers.


Making your street businesses completely eco-friendly can be a challenge, but doing your part to use biodegradable or recyclable products and encouraging eco-conscious practices to your customers can not only help to reduce your impact on the environment, but also help you reduce food costs and utility bills.


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