Eco-friendly isn’t just a buzzword. Whether you’re making the switch to an eco-friendly business, or want to start as you mean to go on, Advanced Disposables are here to help. Read on for our best products to help your bakery business make the switch to more eco-friendly alternatives.

Biodegradable Film Bags

With a film front and made from kraft paper, these Biodegradable Bags are perfect for customers who eat on the go. How to handle single use items? Make them biodegradable. 

Cake Boxes

You dedicated your time making your beautiful creations, now package them as they go on their way to be enjoyed by your clients. These White Cake Boxes are made without glue and are ideal for storing smaller goods. Biodegradable and recyclable? 100%.

Tulip Muffin Cases

These beautiful Tulip Muffin Cases are perfect for displaying goods individually, helping to showcase your creativity. The dark chocolate colour looks good with any muffin flavour, and their style makes your baked goods easy to consume. It’s time to ditch the unnecessary plastic and opt for paper packaging.

Tray Bake Boxes

The benefit of a display box or film bag combined. Our Tray Bake and Buffet Boxes are ideal for serving goods at both shops and events. Made from kraft card and easy to assemble, these boxes are a great addition to make your business eco-friendly.  

There is so much that happens behind the scenes of any business that we simply do not see. That doesn’t mean that eco-friendly should be surface level! As well as products that display your baked goods, we have tools to help you make your creations.

The Prowrap Professional Piping Bags are ideal for piping, decorating, icing and more. Trim to use or fit with a nozzle, these bags are hard-wearing, recyclable and blue to suit professional kitchens. 

We hope you have found some useful and eco-friendly products here that will help your baking business to become more sustainable.  You can browse our full range of eco-friendly packaging here.

Post By Jennifer

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