The Christmas decorations have been carefully stored and you’ve finally finished off the chocolates that no one wanted, which can only mean it’s the start of the new year! If one of your new year's resolutions was that you and your family are going to try and be more eco-friendly then you’re in luck! Here at Advanced Disposables, we’ve come up with a helpful guide to reduce waste in your homes in 2022.

Swap To Paper Straws

Straws are a must-have for parties, events or hosting family and friends. Whether you’re planning on making some elaborate cocktails or you’re entertaining the kids with smoothies and refreshing lemonade, try to avoid plastic straws.

Plastic straws are very hard to recycle and often end up in our oceans, impacting several species of marine life, including dolphins and turtles. Swap from plastic to paper with our range of disposable straws in an array of colours and styles to suit all themes and occasions.

Plan Your Meals Throughout The Week

Home-made lunches are much tastier, healthier and usually cheaper than store-bought lunches or takeaways, but we know how easy it is to grab the closest roll of cling film or foil to keep your food and snacks fresh. Swapping single-use plastic bags for our eco-friendly, reusable alternatives is definitely more environmentally friendly for you and your household!

For example, you could pack your sandwiches, wraps and other meals in a handy Vegware Sandwich Platter Box, pop your kid’s sweets and chocolates in a paper bag or store pastries and other baked goods in our Kraft Biodegradable Brown Paper Film Front Bags.

Go Shopping Without Plastic Bags

We know sometimes purchasing and shopping with plastic bags is unavoidable, but did you know that we stock a wide variety of plastic-free alternatives to help you with your shopping? Whether you’re popping out for milk or purchasing fresh ingredients from a food market, we stock a wide variety of eco-friendly bags for all your shopping needs!

Our Kraft Paper Bags come in a range of sizes and are both environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Made from thick, durable paper, these carriers offer great strength without the risk of tearing.

Eat Seasonally

There’s something about fresh strawberries in the summer. But why is it that these sweet berries taste better in the warmer months? It’s no surprise that strawberries grown locally in the correct season are going to taste fresher and therefore better than ones grown further afield.

The environmental benefits of seasonal fruit and vegetables are often attributed to the shorter distances they travel. If you can help it, try and stick to fruits and vegetables that are grown outside during their natural season, as fruit and veggies consumed in the same country generally have the lowest GHGs and are considered more environmentally friendly.

Invest In A Reusable Hot Cup

Did you know that the UK throws away 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year? Less than 1% of these single-use cups are recycled! These non-recycled plastics take hundreds of years to break down, which means that plastic ends up spoiling land and oceans.

The weather has been pretty cold recently, so keep yourself warm and hydrated with one of our Zodiac Bamboo Travel Mugs. From hot chocolate and coffee to teas and more, these travel mugs are reusable and biodegradable making refills from your favourite coffee shop far more eco-friendly than generic disposable coffee cups.


We know that most families try and do their bit when it comes to helping towards protecting the planet. All of us are responsible for trying to make eco-friendly choices, so by following these handy tips, you can encourage your children and grandchildren to get into the habit of swapping plastic for paper and eating smarter and healthier!


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