On a lovely summer day, everyone loves a barbecue and there is no reason why this can’t be a great way to use and encourage all things eco-friendly and keep the event as plastic free as possible.

Whether you're grilling pork ribs or breaking out the veggie burgers, take a moment to consider what is best for the environment - a picnic table covered in plastic wrapping with disposable plastic plates, cups and cutlery? Or an attractive table that is covered with reusable bamboo cutlery and natural food plates with not a single piece of plastic in sight?

Another great way of keeping your barbecue eco-friendly is by encouraging your guests to join in by bringing their own food contributions in reusable bags or containers and have a competition to see who has made the most environmentally friendly effort for your event.

Here at Advanced Disposables, we have some barbecue essentials which will contribute to saving the environment, as well as being attractive and practical for you and your guests.

Barbecues - Gas or Charcoal?

Firstly though - just a quick word on the actual barbecue. With the debate still raging as to whether gas or charcoal is more eco-friendly, one thing to consider is to try to avoid disposable barbecues if you can.  Being wrapped in non-recyclable single-use plastic, they might be cheap, but there are alternatives that are much better for the environment.

Also, try to buy charcoal that is produced in the UK or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Palm Leaf Plates

These palm leaf plates are an attractive way to display food and are made from naturally discarded leaves from the Adaka nut palm. We love these because as well as being compostable, these plates are impermeable to water and oil, making the perfect choice for hot and cold foods at a barbecue.


Avoid plastic cutlery at your barbecue and go for eco-friendly bamboo cutlery instead, as well as choosing finger food such as canapes.

Perfect for zero waste with no washing up required and ideal for barbecues, why not choose our party pack of 25 each of wooden knives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons. These are made from birch wood which are biodegradable and compostable, making them super environmentally friendly and your guests will love them.


Another simple way of avoiding plastic is to choose bamboo skewers or wooden cocktail sticks - perfect for those fruit and cheese classics. Here is another opportunity to buy loose fruit and you can ask for your cheese to be wrapped up in paper or put into your own container.

Some tasty canapes will always go down well at a barbecue and will add some class to your whilst avoiding plastic. These are easy to make with some pre-bought puff pastry, cut into simple squares and topped with tapenade or pesto. You can even add some grilled sun dried tomatoes or veg for extra taste.

Baps and Buns

If you shop in the supermarket, buy your burger buns from the bakery counter where you can buy them loose and also note that a lot of local bakeries serve them in paper bags.

Having your own paper bags to hand is always a good choice and here at Advanced Disposables we have a large range of Kraft Paper Bags which are multi-purpose. 


An absolute essential at a barbecue, these bamboo skewers are hard to resist and there is no end to the combinations of enticing portions of meat and veg that you can load them with.

Being made of bamboo, these are a sustainable choice as it is a fast growing material that is easy to handle.


Everyone loves a straw and barbecues can be the perfect event to introduce a greener alternative to plastic straws as well as adding a retro feel to your drinks.

Neatly displayed in a little glass jar, these paper straws are perfect for smoothies, soft drinks and even cocktails. These 3 ply straws last longer and are fully disposable, biodegradable in weeks. 

Cups for Cold and Hot Drinks

With prevent using cartons of juice being coated in plastic polyethylene and to avoid plastic bottles of soft drink, glass bottles are the obvious choice. Diluted cordials will make your soft drinks go much further with tap water.

Drinking outdoors at a lovely barbecue is one of life’s little pleasures and we absolutely love these large compostable mixed design bamboo paper cups with four attractive designs. These sustainable cups are ideal for serving hot and cold drinks and being made from bamboo they are fully compostable and biodegradable.

Whether you are going to someone else's barbecue or are holding your own event, you can make small changes to your equipment and enjoy making a small contribution to the environment by choosing to serve your guests with eco-friendly tableware. You never know - it may make your friends think twice and encourage them to make green table choices at their own barbecue this summer!

Post By Kimberley Roderick

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