A greener festive season does not mean you have to be a Scrooge at Christmas! There are plenty of fun and creative ways you can throw a festive party that both saves the planet’s natural resources and adds a touch of chic in the process. This blog details some of the best eco-friendly and zero-waste alternatives on offer here at Advanced Disposables for the festive period.

Plastic Free Christmas Crackers

These traditional crackers come in a festive red and white colour scheme and are brilliant for ensuring you cut down plastic usage this year as these crackers are entirely plastic free. Made from FSC-certified recycled card, these crackers are also tied up with natural raffia which is not only environmentally friendly, but will give your table a rustic look! The surprise inside include a joke, a paper hat and a motto as well as a 3D Christmas tree decoration that is also completely plastic free.

Paper Straws

Sipping on your mulled wine can also be entirely environmentally-friendly with our wide range of paper straws. Our biodegradable Red and White Paper Straws will match the crackers in colour and is an ideal eco alternative to plastic straws. These come in packets of 25, 100, 250 and 10000 and also come in blue and white. Our Kraft Cocktail Paper Straws are also made of biodegradable paper, but their premium quality means they will last much longer than the standard 2 ply straws.

Palm Plates

An unusual and unique alternative to the regular white round plastic plates, our attractive 10” Square Plates are made from naturally-sourced discarded leaves from the Adaka nut palm. They are made with no coating or additives ensuring they are compostable and certified as food safe. This completely natural product is microwavable, impermeable to water and oil and heat resistant up to 220°C. They also come in Dinnerware Sets perfect for parties which include Napkins, Birch Forks, Birch Knives and Square Palm Plates for your convenience.

Wooden Cutlery

A great alternative to white plastic cutlery, our range of Wooden Cutlery Mixed Packs are biodegradable and compostable and include Wooden Knives, Forks, Dessert Spoons and Teaspoons. Perfect for both hot and cold foods, this product is made from environmentally-friendly birch wood sanded to a smooth finish.

Recycled Napkins

Our range of 33cm x 33cm Kraft Napkins is perfect for a zero-waste Christmas as this product is made from recycled materials which can then be further recycled. These are quality paper napkins which are perfect for any event.

Christmas is known to be a time of excess, but with these products available at Advanced Disposables this festive period can also be time of zero-waste and reduced environmental impact with naturally-sourced biodegradable and compostable products to contribute to your eco-Christmas.

Post By Caitlin Bonning

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