If you have ever thrown an event involving food and drink, then Swantex is a brand name that you definitely would have heard of. A market leader on the paper tableware industry, Swantex produces a range of quality tableware for the catering and retail sector. A brand name that is well respected within the community, Swantex is part of Swan Mill Paper Company Ltd who produce disposable party accessories that are essential for any event.

It’s All About The Napkins

Here at Advanced Disposables, we supply a range of Swantex products so that our customers can enjoy the affordable and high quality performance of such a fantastic product. One of Swantex’s most popular products and the type that we stock time and time again is their napkins. As a matter of fact, Swantex make nearly four billion napkins at its head office in Swanley, Kent every year.

Available in a range of different colours and ply to suit any occasion, Swantex napkins are single use making them a convenient and versatile product. From single ply kraft napkins to luxury Swansoft redifold napkins, Swantex really understand what qualities their users like to see in a napkin at all ranges of the market. Bar establishments enjoy the thinner kraft napkins for quick use, where as high end bistros prefer a more substantial napkin such as Swansoft, that will last for more than one course, giving the illusion of a traditional linen napkin. Swantex also ensure that ranges can be mixed and matched easily so that suppliers can restock with ease and keep their brand message crisp and consistent.

Other Tableware

Alongside their range of napkins, Swantex also produce banquet rolls and doyleys as part of their tableware range.

A great solution to protecting table coverings for events, the banquet rolls are available in a subtle Swansoft linen effect and a basic disposable paper sheet. This allows you to create the effect you want from weddings to coverings for outdoor tables.

Looking After The Environment

Swantex understand the need to look after the environment when it comes to single use disposable products. Alongside their tissue napkins, they have created a range of kraft napkins that are made using 100% recyclable material. These are perfect for cafe’s and establishments where napkins are used in large quantities. Their banqueting rolls are also eco-friendly and are crafted from 100% recycled material.

We are proud to be able to supply such a great high quality brand to our customers for personal or professional use. For our full range of Swantex products with bulk discounts available, click here.


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