Plastic is currently one of the main materials that has had a giant black mark put against it by society. Recent revelations about how damaging disposable plastics are to the environment has almost made the word “plastic” one which many companies don’t even like to whisper when trying to advertise their products. However, there is no getting away from the fact that plastic, is a very useful material that has managed to provide us with utensils, shelter, containers, plumbing systems, storage and so much more since its creation in 1907. So we need to not think of plastic as the enemy, but instead look at ways of using this material so that it serves us for a great length of time, rather than disposables that see our hands for less than a few minutes.

Elite Remedy 10oz Tumbler glass CE

So how can we achieve this? Well BB Plastics may have found one solution that helps us enjoy the strong and hygienic qualities of plastic, without it being instantly disposable. By creating a range of glassware and tableware made from super strong plastic, their cups can be washed and reused time and time again. Their Elite range is manufactured from polycarbonate material which is food approved and conforms to materials and articles in contact with food. This range has a superior strength compared to other plastic materials so this range is classed as virtually unbreakable. They can be washed in glass-washers with a standard solution in excess of 500 cycles with no deterioration.

BB Plastics 12oz White Elite Remedy Polycarbonate Glass

The glasses that we stock are available in a range of designs from clear to white and black. Perfect for dinner parties, outdoor events or even for cocktails, the 12oz and 10oz glasses are comfortable to hold and hygienic. When the time comes to dispose of the glass due to age, the Elite range from BB Plastics is 100% recyclable so that nothing goes to waste.

BB Plastics 12oz Black Elite Remedy Polycarbonate Glass

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