“The war on plastic” is a phrase that we have all heard of in recent months. With documentaries such as BBC’s Blue Planet drawing our attention to the detrimental effects that plastic is having on our oceans, this issue is something that can simply be no longer ignored.

According to a 2018 Independent article; “scientists estimate that eight million metric tones of plastic ends up in our ocean’s each year”*. With a large amount of plastic being predominantly used in the catering industry for disposable purposes, it is time that more sustainable sources are looked into that will keep food fresh and safe to eat, but not ruin the environment.

So how can consumers of disposable food containers play a part in reducing our plastic consumption? At Advanced Disposables, we are proud to offer biodegradable, compostable, and Eco-friendly food containers from trusted brands that will still provide what your business or event needs, without the environmental impact.

Eco-friendly Food Containers

One of our main suppliers, Vegware has a passion for protecting the planet. Crafting disposable food and drink containers from materials that are renewable, lower in carbon or recycled, their disposable products are sustainable. All of Vegware’s products can be commercially composted with food waste and offer a high quality look and feel that will enhance your brand.

Paper Straws

A well known contributor to the plastic crisis, many catering services are now switching from plastic straws to paper straws. Our collection of paper straws are available in a range of colours and are biodegradable. Ideal for zero waste events.

Wooden Cutlery

With a smooth finish and made from sustainable birch wood, our Wooden Cutlery can be used with hot or cold foods and are ideal for large events. A pleasure to handle and use, each wooden fork, spoon and knife is biodegradable and Eco-friendly.

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