Put away your pumpkins and creepy decorations and dust off your tinsel and festive baubles, because Christmas is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning a small soiree with your friends or planning a huge party for all of your family, there are several small and useful tips that you can follow to help ensure your festive season is as eco-friendly as it can be! If you’re stuck for inspiration, let us here at Advanced Disposables help you with this easy-to-follow guide!

Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers are an essential part of any festive table and are a fun activity to enjoy with family and friends. However, most Christmas crackers include a lot of cheap plastic toys and random items which just get thrown away. If you’re looking for a smart, elegant cracker that isn’t filled with disposable plastic, shop our Christmas Crackers

These traditional-looking red and white themed crackers feature a delicate pattern of Christmas trees and snow which are tied up with natural raffia for a truly environmentally friendly feel. They are completely free from plastic, both inside and out and contain a plastic-free gift, a hat and a funny joke to entertain your guests! 


Whether you’re planning an elaborate roast dinner with all of the trimmings or you manage a busy hotel or bar, napkins are always useful when serving up food and drinks to your guests and customers. Keep your napkin supply fully stocked with our extensive range of napkins in a variety of festive colours. Keep it simple with white, add some festive cheer with greens and reds or keep it classy with black

Our napkins are ideal for bars, hotels, catering companies or large events and parties and are soft, and strong and can be used to mop up food and drink spills to help keep your guests clean and comfortable. 


No party is complete without straws! Whether you’re serving up warming mulled wine, iced cocktails or soothing hot chocolate, festive straws can really add the perfect finishing touch to any cocktail or drink.

Here at Advanced Disposables, we stock a variety of straws in a range of colours, sizes and prints. Get creative with colours and shop red and white designs, green stripes or even gold straws for a touch of elegance. We love our Red And White 3 Ply Premium Paper Straws, which resemble candy canes and are even vegan-friendly!


Keep your guests happy by offering them their favourite drinks in eco-friendly glasses. We stock a range of cups and Polycarbonate glasses which are chip resistant, making them perfect for even the clumsiest of guests! 

To serve up pints in style, shop the Elite Viking Polycarbonate Nucleated Glasses. These glasses are 100% reusable and recyclable at the end of their life. They are made from a super strong material, meaning that breakages are much less likely compared to traditional glass, making this choice perfect for bars, restaurants and outdoor events.


Christmas might be a busy period with lots of parties and meals, but with a few helpful tips and some eco-friendly products, you can sleep easily knowing that you’ve played your part in caring for the environment. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas from everyone here at Advanced Disposables!

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