The new year is just around the corner and is a great opportunity to start thinking about how you would like 2020 to be the best year yet. One of the ways you can achieve this is by getting involved with the sustainability movement, being as eco-friendly and plastic free as possible. This blog offers tips and ideas of how to be more eco-friendly in many different areas of your life, discussing ways to reduce your waste, change destructive habits to more environmentally conscious ones and reduce your carbon footprint on the world.

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

We use carrier bags every day but they do not have to be plastic, especially as plastic bags are harmful to the environment and we are now charged per bag. Advanced Disposables offers biodegradable paper bags as a great eco-friendly alternative. These can be bought in bulk packs of 50 in different colours and sizes such as our 10lb Block Bottom Brown Kraft Paper Bags, our Medium Brown Kraft Paper Carrier Bags with tape or twist handles and our Striped Paper Carrier Bags which come in colours lime, purple, aqua and pink.

Zero-Waste Food and Drink

Food and drink containers are one of the biggest contributors of waste and Advanced Disposables offers some great zero-waste alternatives. Perfect for all kinds of food such as sweets, sandwiches, baguettes and pastries, we have a wide range of sturdy and grease resistant paper food bags such as our 12” x 12” Brown Kraft Paper Bags, our 15” x 15” White Film Front Bags, 7” x 9” x 12” Foil Lined White Paper Bags and our 4” x 6” x 14” White Sulphite Paper Bags ideal for long sandwiches and baguettes.

Here at Advanced Disposables we also offer a wide range of hot drink cups, both reusable and compostable. Take a look at our Mixed Design Bamboo Disposable Cups which come in sizes 8oz, 120z and 16oz and are entirely compostable. Our Reusable Bamboo Travel Mugs are perfect for starting your eco-friendly new year with a bang and come in a variety of colours and patterns such as Tartan, Houndstooth, Dots and Floral.

Plastic Free Tableware

A great way to be eco-conscious all year round is by ensuring your tableware is plastic free and environmentally friendly. Our sustainable linen 100m Swantex White Banqueting Roll is long lasting and perfect for large functions and parties.

Swap plastic cutlery with birch wood knives, forks and spoons and our Wooden Cutlery Mixed Pack offers a biodegradable and disposable alternative perfect for zero waste events and parties. Match your wooden cutlery to our artisan 7” Square Palm Plates which are also environmentally friendly and perfect for both hot and cold food, or cater with the full ‘Eco Friendly’ Disposable Dinnerware Set Premium which contain white napkins, birch wood forks, birch wood knives and palm plates.

Sustainable Cleaning

Instead of using vast amounts of paper towels for spillages and messes, a great way you can help the environment is to use washable cloths such as our Glass Microfibre Cloth which come in colours blue, yellow, green and red. These are much more absorbent than kitchen roll and you can wash them to reuse again and again.

Swap your normal black bin liners with our Maxima Eco Green Refuse Sacks. These are far better for the environment as they are made from 100% recycled British farm waste. Add these to your collection of eco-friendly products to make your 2020 the year of sustainability!

Post By Caitlin Bonning

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