If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news, you’ll know that the UK is finally tackling its problem in regard to single-use plastics. The ban will include single-use plastic plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks, and certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers. This ban will be introduced from October 2023, allowing businesses time to prepare.

While this change might be confusing, here at Advanced Disposables, we have a wide variety of products to help implement this change and help you with complying to these new rules and regulations.


Here at Advanced Disposables, we stock a range of wooden cutlery to help with large outdoor events, BBQs, birthday parties and much more. We offer every utensil you could need, such as standard knives, forks and spoons as well as ice cream spoons and stirrers. 

Crafted using Eco-friendly birch wood, our wooden cutlery can be used with hot or cold foods and offers a smooth, comfortable finish without any taste transfer, so your guests and customers can enjoy their food in comfort. These utensils also don't conduct heat or release any chemicals into your food and are also hard to break, making them ideal for restaurants, cafes and food market vendors. As wood is a completely natural and renewable resource, it is the responsible choice for those who value their environment.

We would also like to introduce a new and exciting range of award-winning Paper Cutlery from Environware! Made from white FSC certified, sustainably sourced paper, this range of spoons, knives and forks are surprisingly strong and are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to other brands. Once this cutlery has been used, they can be easily recycled with other paper waste.

For cutlery that is as strong as plastic or CPLA, shop our Cornstarch Cutlery. Corn-starch cutlery is made from a natural product, making it biodegradable. This helps the product decompose quickly without leaking any chemicals into the soil.

Vegware Takeaway Food Packaging

If you run a busy cafe, hip burger joint or a food market street vendor - don’t panic! There are plenty of environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic that are readily available for you to serve up your delicious hot and cold food items while offering a takeaway service to your customers. Vegware caters to a wide range of businesses and uses renewable materials for its packaging. This material is produced from natural non-wood fibres such as bamboo, sugar cane and reed and is a cost-effective yet sustainable replacement for plastic.

For example, our Vegware Bagasse Burger Boxes offer a simple appearance and great thermal properties. This material does not trap condensation like plastic, so food stays hot and crispy for longer. 


By now, we all know that plastic straws are extremely detrimental to the environment. Plastic straws can seriously damage marine wildlife. Thankfully, paper straws are widely available in a range of colours and patterns to add some pizzazz to your cocktails, smoothies and soft drinks.

Perfect for bars, hotels and catering companies, our range of paper straws are strong, durable and designed to last. If you haven’t already made the switch, shop the range for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic that we’re confident your customers will love. Available in bright colours like green and red stripes or cool monochromes, we have straws that will suit every venue. 

While these changes might be scary to navigate, you can comply with these new regulations by simply swapping over some of your packaging. Here at Advanced Disposables, we offer a range of compostable and biodegradable options so you and your business can thrive while keeping your customers happy!

Post By Kelly

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