As the evenings get lighter and the days get longer, more and more people and tourists flock to beaches, BBQs, seaside towns or for a bite to eat to enjoy the sunshine. Whether you run a food market stall, restaurant or an outdoor catering service, your customers and guests are sure to appreciate plastic-free cutlery while chowing down on their food! 

In case you didn’t know, a new law is going to be introduced to the UK. “The ban will include single-use plastic plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks, and certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers. This ban will be introduced from October 2023, allowing businesses time to prepare.” This means that you and your business will no longer be able to serve food or drinks with disposable plastic utensils. 

According to estimates, England uses 2.7 billion items of single-use cutlery — most of which are plastic — and 721 million single-use plates per year, but only 10% are recycled! We want to change that, but we know huge changes like this take time.

Now, we know this might be a frightening prospect, but becoming a more sustainable business can only be a good thing! Here at Advanced Disposables, we can help you with this change. We have recently introduced an exciting new range of Cornstarch Cutlery which is surprisingly strong and offers a natural appearance.

Our cornstarch forks are an excellent option, offering a smooth finish and a traditional feel. This cutlery can be used with hot and cold foods, such as fresh salads, meat dishes, a portion of chips and so much more!

Of course, you can’t offer forks without knives, and these surprisingly strong Cornstarch Knives pair perfectly with the rest of our Cornstarch range. These Premium quality knives from Rootier are ideal for picnics and dining al-fresco and can even be used for home BBQs and parties! 

Part of the exclusive Rootier selection, the cutlery is 100 percent biodegradable and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Cornstarch is a useful, natural material that has been used in both food and manufacturing for years. Using new manufacturing methods that are carbon-neutral and keep waste out of the landfill and make your business more carbon-neutral!

For desserts, soups, ice cream and other tasty options, check out our spoons. These spoons are perfect for ice cream and dessert parlours, festivals, outdoor gigs and many other events. These eco-friendly, Cornstarch biodegradable spoons can be used with both hot and cold foods, making them the perfect choice for use at zero waste festivals, picnics, or functions where it may not be convenient to wash up afterwards.

Corn-starch cutlery is a fantastic replacement for the plastic and CPLA cutlery. These handy utensils are made from a natural product,so they are completely biodegradable and will decompose quickly without leaching chemicals into the soil. So don’t wait until October to start introducing changes to your business and shop our exciting range of Cornstarch Cutlery today! 


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