Christmas and New Year’s Eve are fast approaching, so whether you’re planning a small gathering with friends and family or you run a catering company, keep your eco-friendly essentials stocked up with Advanced Disposables! If you’re feeling a bit stuck for inspiration, let our guide help you when it comes to making more sustainable choices for you and your business.


We know this might seem like an obvious choice, but napkins can really complete the look of any table display. From large buffets to intimate dining, napkins can be used to help keep your guests and customers' hands (and laps!) free from mess and spills. We stock a wide range of napkins in a variety of festive colours, such as greens, traditional white, bold reds and classy black. Better yet, our napkins are strong and durable with a soft touch to add a luxurious feel to your tables.


Want to save time and energy when it comes to washing up this year? Swap to disposable plates! Disposable plates don’t have to be harmful to the environment, and they’re quick to serve and sturdy enough to hold a good amount of food to keep your clients and guests happy. 

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant than a traditional paper plate, shop our Palm Plates. These plates come in square and round shapes to suit all occasions and are a little sturdier than paper plates. Made from naturally discarded leaves from the Areca nut palm, they also contain no coating or additives and don’t alter the taste of your food! 


Bottoms up! Serve up your alcoholic and fizzy beverages in style with our extensive range of cold cups and glasses. From pint glasses to standard-sized cups, we have everything you need to keep to help save you from washing up this New Year! 

For something a little sturdier, try our 1/2 Pint (10oz) CE Marked Elite Nonic Polycarbonate Glasses. These glasses are 100% recyclable and are made from food-grade polycarbonate, which is a stronger material to help prevent chips and spills while remaining kinder to the environment.


We probably don’t need to tell you by now that plastic straws are extremely harmful to the environment. While you could encourage your guests and friends to bring their own reusable metal straws, it’s good to offer an environmentally friendly option as well! We stock a wide range of colourful and classic straws in a variety of prints, colours and metallics to really help add the perfect finishing touch to your drinks. These straws can be used with cocktails, fresh juices, fizzy drinks and much more! 

Christmas Crackers

Looking for a creative way to enjoy a plastic-free Christmas? Shop our popular Christmas Crackers, which look and feel like regular crackers, without any harmful plastic. These crackers are a fantastic addition to any table and still go off with a bang, which your guests and friends are sure to appreciate! Each cracker comes with a joke, a paper hat and a motto as you would expect, but with a colourful, completely plastic-free 3D Christmas tree decoration inside to add to the festivities. 


 If you’re looking to help make your business a little more eco-friendly now or in the new year, we supply a fantastic range of products to help you along the way. No matter how you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve 2022, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year from everyone here at Advanced Disposables.

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