The chilly evenings from Spring have officially passed and the nights are getting warmer and hazier. If you run a pub or restaurant that caters to an outside area, you might want to keep your supplies fully stocked - we think this Summer is going to be a scorcher! From pint glasses to eco-friendly cutlery, keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy with our range of outdoor dining and essentials here at Advanced Disposables.


Whether you serve an exciting range of cold drinks like cocktails and lemonade or you need something for a traditional pint, we have a wide range of glasses to suit your business’ needs. For example, our Two In One OXO Flexy Glass is a fantastic option to serve up pints of any liquid and is easy to handle, helping to prevent breakages and spills. Better yet - These simple yet attractive glasses are made in the UK, which also helps towards a low carbon footprint!

If you’re looking to offer your guests and customers a refreshing smoothie or milkshake, shop our 16oz RPET Smoothie Cup. The RPET range is made with 45% recycled content and has a lower carbon footprint than aluminium and glass - saving you time and effort on washing up. These cups are simple and can be personalised with any logo, and they’re chip resistant and recyclable. 


Now that the government has tackled disposable plastic cutlery, if you’re still hesitant to change - don’t fret! Here at Advanced Disposables, we offer a range of strong, eco-friendly cutlery in various materials, such as cornstarch, bamboo and even paper! (Yes, you’ve read that correctly!) 

Our range of Paper Cutlery features attractive, natural-looking white forks, knives and spoons and is a great alternative to plastic. Made from white FSC certified, sustainably sourced paper, this cutlery can be easily disposed of after one use simply by recycling them with other paper waste.

For something compostable and biodegradable that can be used with hot and cold tools, browse our exciting Cornstarch Cutlery. This range is perfect for use at zero waste festivals, picnics and outside events, or functions where it may not be convenient to wash up afterwards.


Many people enjoy drinking through straws, whether it’s children with their cold fizzy drinks or adults with a colourful cocktail. Paper Straws have come a long way in terms of design and quality from when they were first introduced, and we offer a wide range of straws in various designs and colours to suit the aesthetic of your business. 

For example, we love the fun, bright blue and white pattern of our Biodegradable 2ply Paper Straws. These straws offer a fun, retro feel and the 2-ply paper is durable and won’t bend easily, which helps to keep nasty plastic straws away from your establishment and the environment!


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some alfresco dining, so whether you serve up tasty pub food or even offer your customers a BBQ in the warmer months, ensure you’re fully stocked up on plates. Serving up food on china plates can be costly and time consuming, so swap to a more eco-friendly alternative with Advanced Disposables.


Keeping your guests and customers happy throughout the summer months can be simple and straightforward with Advanced Disposables by swapping to simple, Eco-friendly options that show your clients you care for the environment! 

Post By Jasmin

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