The issue with disposable coffee cups damaging the environment is starting to make members of the public and companies start to pay attention and focus on more eco-friendly solutions. But are bamboo coffee cups as environmentally friendly as we are told they are? Here at Advanced Disposables, we just had to find out.

What is bamboo?

The best way to start this investigation is to look at the material in its raw state. What actually is bamboo? A hollow, evergreen perennial plant, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Used as a food source, textile and building material in some areas of the world, bamboo is a versatile plant that gains strength as it grows. Bamboo forests can be found all over the world, but the plant typically prefers a warm environment.

What makes it an eco-friendly material?

Being a renewable source, bamboo’s fast growing nature means that forests can be grown in just a few years. As it is so strong, it also doesn’t require any structural support such as steel supports as it grows and many growers refrain from the use of pesticides or chemicals making cultivation more eco-friendly. Bamboo can also be easily recycled and compostable.

The cultivation of bamboo creates oxygen which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and also consumes a lot of nitrogen which can help reduce water pollution. Although bamboo varieties vary in their abilities and strength, this material still has many key benefits that those all around the world are taking advantage of.

Why should I make the switch to a bamboo cup?

Our throwaway culture has resulted in our daily coffees being brought and then simply disposed of with no thought to the environment. Reusable bamboo cups are made from a natural plant derived fibre mixed with resin to provide that little extra strength. It can be reused time and time again and when it finally comes time to dispose of the cup, it can take as little as one year to biodegrade. Some coffee cups can take up to 50 years to biodegrade. Our reusable bamboo cups are also dishwasher safe so can be cleaned easily. Some coffee shops also offer a discount if you have your cup filled up rather than using a disposable one, which helps you save money in the long run as well.

Bamboo one use disposable coffee cups are also compostable meaning that they can be disposed of and then used to nourish the earth to grow more plants. A sustainable material that keeps on giving back.

What other items can be created from bamboo material?

The possibilities seem to be endless with bamboo. Many manufacturers are now turning to bamboo as an eco-friendly textile for clothing including baby clothes. The bamboo fibre has been known to store antibacterial properties to prevent odour and has anti-fungal properties which make it perfect for certain clothing. It is also used in cutlery, plates and even used to build houses.

In conclusion bamboo cups are environmentally friendly making them the perfect alternative to regular coffee cups. If you own a business and would like to be more environmentally conscious, take a look at our bamboo range below for a more environmentally conscious material that your customers will thank you for.

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