The scariest season of them all is right around the corner, so if you’re planning a family shindig or a party for your friends, you can still make eco-friendly choices when it comes to planning a frightful night! Stay away from harmful plastics and browse our range of Halloween Products to make your parties safer for the environment.


Whether you’re planning a large buffet with finger foods or a sit down meal with family, napkins are an essential for any party! Perfect for quickly mopping up messes, spills and sticky fingers, coloured napkins are a fabulous way to add colour and dimension to any table display.

We have a wide range of napkins in fabulous colours such as black, red and orange to match a Halloween theme. Our napkins offer a soft, luxurious feel and are resistant to tearing. 


No cocktail or tall drink is complete without a straw. Forget about harmful plastic straws and upgrade to Paper Straws. We stock a wide variety of colours and patterns to suit all parties and they stay strong and sturdy for a long period of time!

For a Halloween party, why not try our Black Straws? These straws are durable and made from strong paper, which is food safe and won't bend easily. They are the perfect finishing touch to any smoking cocktail, milkshake or fizzy pop!


Forget about serving drinks in glassware or plastic cups and browse our selection of Cold Cups. Whether you’re serving up ghastly cocktails, pints of beer or fizzy drinks, we have everything you need to save you time when it comes to washing up! 

We love our 16oz Red American PS Party Cups. These cups feature a vibrant red colour which is ideal for Halloween and an iconic design. They are made from string polystyrene, which is sturdy and resilient enough to avoid spillages.

Candy & Sweets Bags

Whether you’re looking to dish out treats (or tricks!) to the neighbourhood children or you want your guests and family to enjoy party favours filled with sweets, candy or chocolates, you can serve up whatever your heart desires with our range of Paper Bags. We stock a variety of sizes, colours and designs to suit your needs.

For example, we love our brightly coloured, retro-design Stronghold Striped Pink Paper Bags. Featuring a nostalgic, striped design, these bags can also be customised with spooky stickers for a personal touch.


Whether you’re trick-or-treating with the kids or throwing a huge bash for your friends, you can choose from our wide selection of eco-friendly products to help improve your carbon footprint. However you’re celebrating Halloween this year, we hope you have a frightful yet delightful time! 

Helpful tip! Don’t forget to leave your pumpkins out in nature to help feed the local wildlife. Leave your pumpkin with the lid off in your gardens and outdoor spaces and allow the birds, insects and other creatures to feast. Once it begins to go mouldy or rot you can bury it in the garden and leave it to decompose. Alternatively, you can simply put it into your compost heap or bin.

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