The champagne has been put away and the tinsel is firmly off the walls as it’s now officially 2023! If you’ve been getting creative with your resolutions, you might want to consider adding to try and improve your carbon footprint by making your business more eco-friendly! We know this might be an intimidating and confusing process, and hey, we don’t expect everyone to dive straight in, but by following some helpful tips, swapping to more eco-friendly products and showing your customers and guests that you care for the environment, you’ll be well on your way to ticking that resolution off your list!

Swap Plastic For Paper

By now, we all know the devastating effect plastic straws have on our wildlife and the environment in general, but there are still many businesses that offer plastic straws! We stock a variety of durable and disposable paper straws in a range of colours and styles, so your customers and guests can sip their drinks with ease without worrying about the harmful damage plastic straws has on the environment.

Whether you run a trendy bar, a cosy cafe or a restaurant, straws are always in demand from those young and old for cocktails, fizzy drinks and milkshakes. We stock retro striped designs, classy chrome colours and many more designs to suit all types of drinks you might sell. 

Offer A Reward Scheme For Coffee Lovers

Coffee-to-go is as popular as ever, and with so many options for shoppers and those on busy commutes, stand out against the crowd by offering a reward scheme for those who bring in their own hot cups! For example, if your customers bring in their own cups, they can receive a small discount, encouraging them to visit more often! 

If you’re looking to swap your coffee cups for something more eco-friendly, shop our huge range of Coffee Cups. Designed to be commercially compostable, sustainable where possible and include materials like PLA, kraft paper and bamboo, our eco-friendly coffee cups are available with bulk discounts so the more you buy, the more you save!

Change Up Your Packaging

If you run a restaurant or takeaway food business, swapping up your packing for something a little more eco-friendly might be daunting, but there are many more alternatives to harmful plastics these days that offer quality and can help keep your food hotter and fresher for longer! Our exciting Biodegradable Range includes brown bags, bagasse boxes, waffle cones and soup containers, so no matter what business you own, we have something for every food item to ensure your guests and customers are happy.

Offer Eco-Friendly Bags

Most supermarkets and bakeries offer up more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, so make sure you don’t fall behind and get rid of plastic options! Whether you run a small corner shop or a popular boutique, bags are an essential part of shopping and make carrying and transporting items easier for you and your customers. 

Here at Advanced Disposables, we have everything you need to offer practicality and style when offering your customers a bag. Our range of eco-friendly carrier bags is available in a variety of different designs and colours ideal for serving food or packing groceries and gifts. With tape handle, twist handle and no handle options offered, these bags will make an excellent addition to your businesses.


By changing up some products to our range at Advanced Disposables, you can help to improve your carbon footprint while showing your customers that you and your business are really trying to make a difference in the world. We know change doesn’t happen overnight, however with just a few simple steps, you can become well on your way to calling yourself an eco-friendly business!

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