The sun is shining and the evenings are getting longer which can only mean one thing - summer is officially here! Whether you’re planning a large family event in your back garden, run a pub with friendly outdoor events or you’re a catering business, here are our top five products to help you and your customers enjoy an eco-friendly BBQ.


Is there anything quite like enjoying a refreshing drink in the sun with your friends and loved ones? Whether you serve cold beers, delicious cocktails or iced lemonade, keep your guests and customers happy and hydrated with our range of cold cups and glasses.

For pints and other beverages, a solid choice would be the 20oz Eco Oxo-Bio Degradable Cups. These cups hold a pint perfectly and better yet, are biodegradable, making them a much more environmentally friendly alternative to glass or plastic. The tumblers are specially designed with a step in the base, for maximum stackability, making them easy to pull apart and store for your business. 

For something a little more traditional, swap plastic for glass with the Elite Remedy 10oz Tumbler Glass. These glasses are unbreakable, even for clumsier guests, and are reusable and recyclable.


Once the drinks have been served, it’s time to tuck into the food! Avoid cleaning up traditional cutlery with our range of wooden cutlery! Crafted using Eco-friendly birch wood, our wooden cutlery range includes knives, forks, drink stirrers and spoons and can be used with hot or cold foods. Perfect for serving at any indoor and outdoor catering event, we provide wooden dessert spoons and wooden knives and forks that are gentle on cooking surfaces and won't scratch finishes on non-stick coatings.

Not only does this cutlery provide a smooth finish and a traditional, natural appearance, but they don't conduct heat or release any chemicals into your food and are also hard to break. As wood is a completely natural and renewable resource, this is the responsible choice for those who value their environment.


If you’re serving up pulled pork, ribs or chicken wings alongside your BBQ, your guests and customers will need a napkin. Napkins don’t have to be harmful to the natural environment, as our range includes designs made from recycled and sustainable materials. 

As great as traditional-looking white and brown napkins are for wide-scale events, you can also select various colours from our range for themed parties! Think pink for a little girl’s birthday party, elegant cream for an engagement or even vivid orange for a tropical-themed outdoor event! 


Whether you’re serving up delicious cheeses and olives on mini skewers as part of an entree dish, or you’re using them to keep your meats and vegetables secure while grilling, skewers are an essential part of any BBQ. 

Not only are skewers practical, but they can also help with presenting your food to your guests. We stock a variety of lengths and sizes for all of your presenting and cooking needs, from 10” skewers which are excellent for meats and souvlaki to smaller 6” designs for finger foods such as fruit, cubes of cheese and olives.


We all know plastic straws are terrible for the environment. Thankfully, there are plenty of eco-friendly options in a range of colours, patterns and styles.

Adding straws to your drinks can really complete the look and add a fun, eco-friendly addition to your cocktails, smoothies and sodas. Here at Advanced Disposables, we stock a range of paper straws in several colours and styles. From classy all-black to red and white stripes, these straws are designed to last and stay strong for longer. No soggy straws for your guests!


No matter what event you’re hosting this summer, make sure you tidy up after yourselves and try and stay as green as possible. By shopping with Advanced Disposables, you can show your guests and customers that you care about the environment by supplying them with eco-friendly products. Just don’t forget to apply your suncream and most importantly, have fun!

Post By Jasmin

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