Whether you run a small grocery store, a bakery or a stall at a market, more and more businesses are moving towards more environmentally friendly packaging and carrier bags. While we know that it might take a little while to fully switch from plastic to paper, here at Advanced Disposables, we stock a variety of products and sustainable disposables to help you in your journey to making your business more eco-friendly!

Carrier Bags

While plastic bags do have their place in businesses because of their strength and durability, paper bags offer a traditional and biodegradable way to make simple tasks such as grocery shopping at farmers' markets and market stalls easier.  

We offer a range of eco-friendly bags in a collection of small, medium and larger sizes which are suitable for transporting food and other retail products. Choose from twist or tape-handled bags and classic carrier bag designs. All of our bags have been crafted from eco-friendly materials such as PLA, Paper and Sulphite which degrade at a much faster rate than plastic bags, making them a much better alternative to plastic.

Coffee Cups

Whether you sell fresh cups of coffee, warming teas or any other hot drinks, there is nothing quite like a caffeine fix while out and about. For cafes, restaurants and takeaway food vendors, switching to compostable coffee cups can put them ahead of competitors and will also improve the sustainability of the coffee supply chain.

Disposable coffee cups are becoming a serious concern amongst customers and business owners as most standard coffee cups can take up to 30 years to decompose. With so many coffee cups making their way to landfills every day, it’s time that alternative solutions were made. Here at Advanced Disposables, we offer a fantastic collection of disposable eco-friendly coffee cups that not only perform by keeping hot drinks hotter and fresher for longer, but look traditional and simple so you can include your own logo, but also cause minimal damage to the environment.

Alternatively, you can ask customers to bring their own reusable hot cups and offer a rewards scheme or discount to help encourage the use of single-use cups. 

Wooden Cutlery 

Picnics, outdoor weddings, large-scale events and other occasions that require outdoor dining all need to be fully stocked with cutlery so your guests and customers can tuck into their meals. While we know the convenience of plastic cutlery can be tempting, encouraging your customers to use wooden options is a great way to help improve your sustainability.

Whatever utensils you need, Advanced Disposables stock a variety of wooden cutlery such as spoons for sorbets and icecreams, standard knives and forks and even cocktail stirrers! These tools don't conduct heat or release any chemicals into your food and are also hard to break. As wood is a completely natural and renewable resource, it is the responsible choice for those who value their environment.


The battle to fight plastic isn’t won overnight, but with some simple changes to your business, you can improve your carbon footprint and show customers that you care for the environment by offering them more eco-friendly products!

Post By Jasmin

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