With the nights getting longer and the mornings getting cooler, Christmas is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning a party with your friends, run a busy hotel or restaurant service or want to impress your friends and family this festive season! Here at Advanced Disposables, we offer a wide range of items to help make your Christmas planning smooth and effortless.


Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers are a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season while minimising our impact on the environment. We offer a few options to serve with dinner, making them ideal for restaurants, hotels or even family meals. All of our crackers are plastic-free and are adorned with nostalgic, festive designs. We’re confident they’ll be the star of the show for any Christmas meal! (Aside from the turkey, of course…) 

With Eco-friendly Christmas crackers, you can bring joy to your celebrations while making a positive contribution towards a more sustainable future.


No party or formal event is complete without napkins. Coloured napkins can really brighten up any table display and are a practical way for your guests and customers to quickly mop up spills and messes and conveniently clean their hands.

If you’re looking for something with a more festive theme, our Swantex 33cm 2ply Red Paper Napkins will look perfect for any Christmas dining service or party! Ideal for hotels, bars and catering companies, these napkins are strong and durable, ensuring that they can handle any spill or mess.

Paper Doyleys

Paper Doyleys provide an elegant, eco-friendly alternative to plastic decorations and tableware. Here at Advanced Disposables, we offer a wide range of doyleys in a variety of intricate patterns and shapes. Our doyleys are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable paper, paper doilies are an excellent option for restaurants, cafes and catering companies who are looking to present their goods.

These doyleys are perfect for the festivities and can really elevate the presentation of your savoury and sweet food. Whether you're serving up food at a party, dressing up a dessert plate or adding a unique touch to a craft project, paper doyleys are an affordable and environmentally conscious solution for all of your presenting needs! 

Paper Straws

Paper Straws are a fantastic Eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic straws. Whether you run a bar, hotel or need straws to host a large gathering, we offer a wide range of Paper Straws in a variety of sizes, patterns and colours which add a fun and aesthetic touch to your beverages!
For example, our Swantex Christmas Tree Paper Straws are the perfect addition to any festive cocktail!

The fun, colourful design features a charming, nostalgic Christmas tree pattern, making it perfect for adding a festive touch to your drinks during the holiday season. Made of sturdy paper material, these straws ensure durability and won't easily bend or break.


No matter how you’re celebrating the festive season, you and your business can make more eco-friendly choices with Advanced Disposables and take a step towards a greener future for generations to come. 

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