Bagasse is a fibrous byproduct of sugarcane, often referred to as the "waste" portion of the plant. However, Bagasse is far from being useless! With its potential to be converted into an exciting, game-changing range of eco-friendly products, Bagasse is gaining recognition as an innovative and sustainable resource. 

This versatile material can be transformed into paper, packaging materials and even biofuels, making it a significant part of the transition towards a more sustainable future for many businesses. Our Bagasse products also do not contain harmful chemicals or microplastics, making them a fantastic, food-safe alternative.

One of the key advantages of using Bagasse is its environmental sustainability. Unlike traditional materials such as harmful plastics or wood, Bagasse is a renewable resource that does not require the destruction of forests. Sugarcane, the source of Bagasse, is a rapidly renewable crop that can be harvested multiple times a year. Furthermore, Bagasse is fully biodegradable, meaning it will break down naturally and return to the Earth, without leaving behind harmful pollutants! 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your business, browse our range of Bagasse packaging and boxes within this blog. We offer a variety of products, such as cutlery, burger boxes, sauce containers and more!

Serve up Nachos, fries, chunky chips, tortillas and appetisers in style with our Vegware Medium Bagasse Chip Tray! These trays are simple with a traditional appearance and work like polystyrene, just without affecting the environment while the compact size of the tray makes it convenient for serving individual portions, making them perfect for food trucks, cafes or outdoor events.

For a simple yet natural way to offer up delicious burgers, why not shop our Vegware Bagasse Burger Boxes? These boxes offer great thermal properties that don't trap condensation like plastic, so food stays hot and crispy during transportation. Better yet, these containers are disposable, compostable and biodegradable. 

Forget about plastic cutlery, Bagasse cutlery is all the rage now! We stock knives, forks and spoons to compliment a range of takeaway food items, making them ideal for family gatherings, BBQs, outdoor events and festivals. They are sturdy, heat-resistant and can be used for both hot and cold food items. By opting for bagasse cutlery, you and your guests and customers can contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting a greener, more sustainable planet.

You can also offer your customers a way to enjoy their favourite condiments with our 4 oz Bagasse Sauce Containers. Featuring a simple yet natural white appearance, these practical containers can be used to serve up ketchup, BBQ sauce, baked beans, peas and more with ease. They are perfect for takeaways, food vans or catering events as they are strong enough to hold a variety of hot and cold temperatures without melting or getting soggy!


By embracing Bagasse as an alternative material, we can make significant strides towards creating a greener and more sustainable world. Whether you run a busy cafe, bustling food street market stall or a popular takeaway service, here at Advanced Disposables, we stock a wide variety of Bagasse products to help you with your carbon footprint!

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